Blend shapes animation from Maya to Babylonjs Sandbox show weird?

Hello there,

Please look in to the video below:

facial expressions animated using Blend shapes from Maya and exported as GLB file… shows like this in Sandbox.

How to rectify this problem ?? suggestions plz

Maybe @PatrickRyan or @Drigax can help on this one

pinging @PirateJC actually

Hey @AD_Kar - To help troubleshoot what may be going on, can you please supply a playground that demonstrates the issue? Happy to jump in and help figure out what may be going on!


Hi @PirateJC i am not sure how to use that in playground … i am very much new to babylonjs.

But here is the facial blend shapes that i have shown in maya

this is what i was willing to get in babylon… with GLB file export

@PirateJC to give some more idea to better understand my problem i have added textures also on the character. Look at the below video attached here

i made F0 factro valu to “0” also to not to get weird reflections on the face animating. But still there are some black spots coming… any idea whats happening and how to get rid of this

Hmm…interesting. The textures help, but we’d really need the scene to dive in and see what’s happening.

Since you already have the .glb file, if you simply open a new playground:

Then host the asset and load it in the scene:

Then you can save the playground with this button:

And then pass us the URL, then we can get a closer look at what might be going on.


hi @PirateJC
Thanx for the guidance here is the file: (4.3 KB)

i am not able to navigate close to his face but you could see his face and see whats happening.
And i am attaching one more image when i am exporting the model to GLB i got few warnings: would that have created these problems??

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Ok sweet! this is a step closer.

Here’s a playground I put together that is close up of his face that clearly shows the issue.

One last request. Can you also post the Maya file with the original blend shapes?

Thanks again.

Hi @PirateJC
thanq so much…
here is the maya file with texture file (3.2 MB)

Hmm…it looks like that zip file is corrupted for me?

I was chatting with @PatrickRyan and he was pointing to the fact that he thinks the normals might be weird between the different blendshapes. If the normals are off, they could be causing the strange effect that we’re seeing.

One other suggestion would be to simplify the problem a bit. Try out an export using VERY simple blendshapes…maybe start with a cube and deform it slightly for the second shape. Then export those and bring them into Babylon. If that works, which I’m very confident that it will, then it’s likely an issue with the authoring of the mesh/shapes as Patrick has suggested.

Hope this helps!

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7-zip seems to be able to open the zip. Not sure why Windows explorer can’t. :confused:

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But finally got through this by other way arround… when i export the animations there some morph nodes created … through which programers team are able to play them by calling the respective morphtargets