Blender 2.93 LTS Exporter

A release candidate for Blender 2.93 LTS has been pushed to the Dev Branch of the repo. Once Blender goes to production, I will merge down Dev branch into Master. I do not do this very often, so will definitely need to look this up.

I have changed how changes for releases are going to be documented. There is now a directory of annotated side by side screen shots combined into a read me.

Since this forum does md format well, here is a close reproduction:

Non-visual Changes

  • Shape Key animation added
  • Most properties which are the same as the BabylonJS default excluded from file


  • No changes


  • Default of pickable switched to false


  • Properties added and 1 removed
  • Emissive Intensity now used from Principled node


  • Removed obsolete VR Cameras from List


  • added support for Cascaded Shadows & shadow Z bounds


You rock buddy!

Congrats !!!

Merged into master branch; Link in first post changed to point to master branch; dev branch deleted

@JCPalmer : Any changes since the “development branch” ?

Stay Safe Jeff, gryff :slight_smile:

No, as long as the title in the custom properties section does not say “beta”, you got the current version, just while it was still in the dev branch.