BabylonJS Blender exporter update for metadata

I noticed that there has been an update to the Blender exporter that looks like it will give users the ability to set custom properties and see them as metadata within BabylonJS: Export mesh/empty custom properties to "metadata". by alekop · Pull Request #63 · BabylonJS/BlenderExporter · GitHub

It looks like the exporter has not yet been created with this change.

Is it possible for the new version to be created? If not. can you provide a few guidelines indicating how we can create the plugin from the source code ourselves?


@JCPalmer is the brilliant mind behind the exporter so lets check with him ?

Sorry, forgot to do that. I do have time tomorrow. I am going to assume that it works and was already tested by the author, & not going to do more than a single test export. Just going to load output in sandbox & see it loads. Not going to write a page / scene to validate it is there.


Ok, the code coming from alekop, unknown forum id, did not work out of the box. Fixed.

Ran into a problem pushing to github. Pushing not possible with the security shakeup late last year. I do not have a fork, only a clone. I also have local code not in the repo, like generating a zip file.

I ran out of time I am willing to use today. Anyone, primarily the core team, know the best way out of this?

Ok, after quick switching to python, was kind of confused as soon something went wrong. Forked a repo, & hooked up my local remotes to there. There is now a PR Version 3.3.1 by Palmer-JC · Pull Request #64 · BabylonJS/BlenderExporter · GitHub

I cannot probably approve my own PR. I barely figured out how to approve the PR from alekop.

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Thanks for all of that :smiley:
Who can approve your change?

I approved and pinged @bghgary for approval

I don’t know anything about Blender either :neutral_face: It looks like @JCPalmer merged it so I guess we are okay.