Blender 3.0 and the Asset Library. More to come hopefully?

Asset Library - A YouTube Tutorial

There is now an official release of Blender 3.0 and the Asset Library is producing all kinds of positive reactions. Unfortunately, there seems to be a little problem with how the assets can be used. For example this little desk I made a while back :

The Desk

Click on the doors and drawers and they will open and close. No rigs, just pivot points set at certain positions and movement is around those points.

However, if I try to use the desk in an Asset Library, I run into a few problems (see Image 1 below). All the parts are split apart and even though they are all parented to an “Empty” it is not easy to use them. As you drop in each piece, they each bring in an “Empty” (B & C in Image 2 below) and they take time to line up (A in Image 2 below) and you then have to delete all those extra “Empties” (see Image 2 below). So it is not quite as fast as some would like. :unamused:

They do bring in textures/materials and the animations. Just laying the bits out takes time. So if it is a single animated mesh works fine - but not a multi-mesh.

I will still go File-> Append Collection for such cases.

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:

Image1 The desk library.

Image 2 The position gaps and “Empties”

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Does it work any better if you parent to a mesh instead of an empty?

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No not really. The desk library still has those individual parts. So I parented each part to the “desk_ base” (a mesh) and removed the “Empty”. Bring in the desk base - comes in by itself. Bring in the “desk_top” and it comes in with the desk base. Bring in the L_Cupboard and it comes in with the desk_base but no desk_top.

You now have to delete all the extra desk_base meshes and still fiddle aligning everything.

Will stick with using the Append Collection for now - it maybe will change though.

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile: