New Weekly Video! - Using External Assets

Hey All!

Time again for another weekly video!

I’ve been wanting to record this video for everyone for a while now. When I first started working with Babylon, I got tripped up on the differences between using MeshBuilder to create primitives, and loading in external assets. I know lots of others have had similar stumbles, so excited to share this with everyone and hopefully help future Babylonians!

Hope you all enjoy!



Will it work in all cases?
var sphere = newMeshes[0].getChildMeshes()[0];

No it completely depends on the hierarchy of the asset that you create. For example if you have an asset that has 2 different objects in it and each object has 3 meshes, this specific command will only pull in the first mesh of the first object.

You have to understand how the hierarchy of the asset is set up in order to specify which mesh you’re working with.

Hope that makes sense!

I see Babylon Yoitube channel has more and more subscribers! That is GREAT!

For some time I stuck with this simple example of OBJ import:

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OMG, that was so captivating. Even though what you were explaining was quite basic, you made it sound so cool I just wanted to continue listening :smiley: . GREAT CONTENT!!!


That’s incredibly kind of you to say. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. What other types of content would you like to see in the future?

To be honest I would prefer more advanced topics like ones regarding performance, optimizations, networking probably etc. But I fully understand why you are tackling beginner topics first :slight_smile: .