Blender 3.6 LTS is released

Will there be a new version of @JCPalmer 's Blender exporter available now?

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

Good question. For a while now, a new version of Blender meant something was broke now in the exporter. Did you try it?

Other than that, it would be just enhancements. The only one I am considering is automated conversion of Textures into KTX2 format, starting with the generation of a .bat / .sh file to run outside of Blender.

Either I just do not know enough about GitHub, or this repo (GitHub - KhronosGroup/KTX-Software: KTX (Khronos Texture) Library and Tools) is wrong. It says in the readme " Download KTX Software Releases to get binary packages of the tools".

I go to that link & find nothing to click. Even if I could executables, looks like there is a major syntax change in alpha. Might be better to just keep checking, assuming there actual pre-builds. If not, then screw KTX2.

Ok, the release pages are backwards from the rest of GitHub. On release pages, the text / readme stuff is listed first. In this case there is huge amount of text, so you have a lot to scroll through.

Well, I’m still using Blender 3.3. Not downloaded v3.6 yet as I gather it has something called “simulation nodes”. Still trying to get my head around geometry nodes!

If you do make any updates, a simple something I would like to see is a little message saying “export successful” when the export is finished. I always get the messages of warnings or failures - but nothing if everything is successful - so I just sit and wait. It would be nice to get a positive response!

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

That was a 2 line add. Not doing direct push anymore, but this is only this is only the 2nd time doing the PR process. Add a successful completion message for Gryff by Palmer-JC · Pull Request #65 · BabylonJS/BlenderExporter · GitHub