Blender 3.3 LTS changes have begun, KTX2 incorporation?

Saw Blender 3.3 LTS entered beta yesterday. I do have a fix for the one exception that the 2.94 exporter has had with running in Blender 3.0+. I wanted to get out a beta version of the exporter in the next few days, with that fix & just iridescence added, so people could report other possible errors, not yet found.

For the final version, I was thinking about doing something about ktx2. If I read that right, it is just a matter of providing an extension of ktx2 to the name of the file to load in the export file. (That file must also exist as well, of course). Is that correct??

I could put a “ktx2 checkbox” on the world properties tab, which would change the extension to .ktx2 for textures in the export file and still produce the same file as before. The dev could then run the converter command line tool on the directory where the regular / cpu based images go created. Is there any flaws in doing something like that?

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Let me add @bghgary for the KTX2 part but he will only answer next week after his vacations.

Ok, the 3.3 beta with very little changed has been posted.


I’m not sure I know the answer. Are we talking about changes to Blender that is prompting this?