Blender 4.0 PBR mapping for Exporter

Well for Blender 4.0, they managed to change things so that the exporter errors. Have started to look at changes to map the properties to BJS PBR properties, prior to actually changing the code.

First, PBR has so much stuff now, that there are collapsible sections. Here they are collapsed to aid when everything is expanded.

pbr collapsed

Here is the mapping updated for 4.0. Remember, it DOES NOT matter what it looks like in Blender for this process. The Mix & Separate Color nodes are just for the exporters benefit. Also, for the items that have a texture connected, they show either a number or a color when no texture is linked.

My questions, probably for @sebavan & @PatrickRyan, are there any new things in BJS which I am not currently mapping? Also, for the textures that are combined, is there was of directly having those textures by themselves? Like Metallic by itself.

I would like to drop the combined textures. Seems like the textures would also be easier to make by themselves too.

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Looks like you have all of them but we do not support the separate approach for everything.