Blender 6.4.0 published

Not a large update, but functionality has changed, so updated to 6.4. From change log:

  • Fixed exception when an empty material slot, just ignored now.
  • Fixed non-sharing of materials when part of a multi-material.
  • Added optional .csv file for mesh exporting statistics (turned on in World properties).
  • Changed logging of the # of indexes to the more meaningful # of triangles exported.

The .csv file can be very useful when trying to take a file from a place like BlendSwap, which may be very exceptional in all respects, except triangle count. A spreadsheet independent formatted file can be used to find where all the stuff is coming from, and sort-able by # column.

Have used it on a number of models, the most recent was a 402k vertex model which I got down to 44k verts. It took more than a week, and snapshots of this file made it much more manageable.


Congratulations as always!

@JCPalmer : I see that a 2.9 version of Blender has been published, will this new exporter work with 2.9 - or is it too early to tell?

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:

2.90 is just an alpha. I suspect the reason they went to a LTS, Long term support, for 2.83 is that they wanted to avoid putting out complete releases for a while to focus on 2.90. That and Blender has gotten a lot of new corporate support since the 2.80 redesign, & they like that kind of stuff.

But the direct answer to your question is I do not know. Try it, 6.4.1 that is. For 2.80, I knew they were getting rid of the old render engine & I would have to re-engineer the exporter for Cycles. So, I started early & made the jump to PBR materials at the same time. Not sure I know enough to care yet for 2.90.

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