Maya not exporting animation with multi material

I’m trying to export a joint-based animation from Maya 2018 and can get the animation to export but only when the mesh has a single material (aistandardsurface) assigned. When I add an additional material to the mesh, the exporter seems to skip over finding the joint animation and only outputs the mesh. The mesh output with multiple materials does output multiple materials and it looks fine but there is no animation in the .glb file.

Pinging @Drigax

Hi @bondi, welcome to the community!
Got a repro file you can share? This sounds like an oddly specific scenario.

Here is the link for two .glb files in a .zip

One was exported with a single texture applied, and the other has two textures but no joint data is converted.

I can supply you with the Maya file also. I’m baking the animation onto a very complex rig and then deleting everything but the mesh and joints for export.


Thanks for the sample export scenes @bondi,
can you share your source Maya scene as well? I usually need this to trace through our exporter to see where we are missing the data.

Heres the maya files and .png’s for the shaders. You may have to remap them…

I suspect there is some legacy data nodes that need to be removed, but I’m not savvy enough to figure it out…

Thanks again! I really want to animate this char, but I have to verify the pipeline before I put any effort into that.

Thanks, I’ll try to take a look sometime today if I get the time. :slight_smile:

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