Blender animation group export problems

I’ve set up multiple NLA strips in Blender and have exported them to GTLF.

Strangely I’m getting two of every animation exported, except one of each of them has no animation data, but has the same play-time, and the same name, but a different ID.

I’ve not seen this happen before. The only thing I’ve done differently is I have about six duplicate armatures with their own imported animations. I only export the single visible mesh and it has NLA strips that link to the other armatures’ animations. Screenshot of Blender

I’m definitely finding the empty animation when I try to play them back in Babylon because I get a “cannot read property ‘frame’ of undefined” error, even though the animation is defined and loaded.

The only animation that I’m NOT seeing a duplicate of is the animation that I brought in with the base mesh that I export. It’s the only animation not mapped and in use by two meshes.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Update: I might as well leave the answer here in case someone else has this very specific problem.

I wasn’t deleting the hidden armatures because originally if I did the linked animation failed. It seems like that isn’t happening anymore, so now I can delete them and that fixes the empty animation problem.

Answer is in the question and I love to see this in the morning :slight_smile: thanks a lot for providing it.

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