Unable to export animation group for skinned mesh - 3ds max -> GLTF

Hi. Hoping someone has run into this.

When I try exporting to the GLTF format using the Babylon exporter from 3ds Max I am able to export non-skinned object animations with the animation group name showing up just fine. When I try to export a skinned mesh with the exact same animation group name…the animation group does not export. When I export to Babylon the animation group shows up. So I know my setup is fine.

My setup is a skinned plane with 2 bones linked to a master bone. The plane has all three bones added to the skin and only one bone is animating. Only the bones are added to an Animation Group and I only export the mesh.

Has anyone successfully exported a skinned animation group from 3ds Max to GLTF format?


ping @Drigax

Thanks @Cedric!

Can you try adding your mesh to the animation group nodes to export? I’d assume that we’re skipping over the mesh (and its assigned skin) when checking animation tracks to include in the animation group.

If the scene contains no animation groups specified, then we parse all nodes in the scene to include in one large animation group.

I’m not sure why the babylon export works fine with your animation group export, while the glTF export breaks… I’ll have to setup a repro scene. Can you share yours as well?

Hey Drigax…Here is the max scene. I added the mesh to the animation group as you asked with the same result unfortunately.

Thanks so much for your help!

As a new user I can’t upload attachments…so here is a google drive link to the file.


Hi @Jefro5

I exported both .Babylon and glTF to compare, using exporter version v20190815.1 (should be the latest version available). Using your provided animation group definition and export settings:

Both exports appear to work as expected when tested in the online sandbox:


I’m not sure if I can reproduce the issue you’re running into. Can you retry with the latest exporter installed?

Thanks so much Drigax!

This worked…turns out the exporter I was using from July had a bug apparently. I tried the newest version of the exporter but it borked my many animation groups by stuffing copies of objects in animation groups they are not designated to be in. I used the version just before this one and everything is working great!

Thanks again!


Glad to hear that this helped. Can you help me understand what’s happening with 20190815.1? We are getting copies of objects in animation groups that they aren’t selected for? Also, which installed version of the exporter fixed the issue for you?

I’d like to make sure that everything’s working on the latest version.

Yeah no problem. For example if I have 3 animation groups…one is filled with Node X…the next with Nodes Y and the last with Node Z… I would see in the export log - Animation Group 1 = Node X, Node Y, and Node Z…and that would happen in Animation Group 2 and 3 as well. I am not sure if it was because they shared similar timelines or it was irrespective of that.

Interesting, which exporter version currently works for you, and which is broken?

The one that worked is 20190813.3…and the one I had that couldn’t export the skinned meshes was