Maya Exporter Bug - Second Animation Group Incorrect Length


My model has 2 looping animation states:

  • State01 - (frame 1-24)
  • State02 - (frame 25-48)

I have added both of these states as Animation Groups in Maya and can successfully export to GLB or GLTF.

My first animation group plays correctly and as expected in Sandbox, but my second animation group seems like it’s playing from frame 1-48 instead of 25-48 and the first half is just still (no animation).Is this a bug or am I doing something incorrectly?

Maya 2019
Babylon Exporter v20190918.9
Blendshape Animations


Adding @Drigax for the exporter issue

Thanks, I’ll follow up on the opened exporter issue.

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Replying back here for future reference:

Got a fix available via installer or the latest build. When we create our Animation groups, we use the absolute frame time values in the exported keys for .babylon, but for glTF export we needed to offset them so that the first frame starts at 0, and so on.

Looks like we weren’t doing this for morph target animations.

Thanks so much @Drigax for looking into this and implementing such a quick fix! Excited to try this latest pre-release build when I’m back in front of my PC.

Just a quick clarification, since this fix has been implemented for glTF, will that fix also radiate to exporting as glb?

Thanks again!

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Yes, this should work for both glTF and glb export. :slight_smile:

Works beautifully! Definitely saved my project this week. Thanks again!

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