Blender exported textures are appearing as white suddenly

It might be related to Draco. I updated the decoder create vertex buffers using the types that comes from Draco instead of converting to float, which is what it used to do. I did this for two reasons. One is that Draco doesn’t have to reinterpret the data into float data before returning and makes Draco decompression faster. The second is Draco’s conversion to float doesn’t handle normalized attributes. I didn’t know WebGPU doesn’t do conversion. That’s a bummer. I’m curious if we have a similar problem for Babylon Native.

Checkin in on this - is there anyway to alternatively export/compress assets to make them work with WebGpu?

Do you have a repro PG? I can try to modify the code to convert the vertex attributes to float.

Yep, sure here you go:

Just switch to WebGPU and it’ll crash.

You can do it like this:

@Evgeni_Popov let s make the workaround part of the engine if it impacts others as you mentioned the fix is not straightforward.

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This PR will fix the problem: