3d Max. Draco compression issue

Hello everyone,

I need some help please with a Draco Compression issue?

When i try to export a model from 3ds Max, the compression works as long as the model doesnt have a texture. When i apply a texture, it wont compress the model and a message appears in the export log saying "gltf-pipeline module not found". I made a few tests with different objects and it seems that the complexity of the model isnt the problem.

Is there a way i can solve this?


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Same issue here, any update on this?
I’m using the 3dsMax exporter v20200917.1 (When using a newer version we had weird export scaling issues with a model)

@Joe_Wiltshire, @Ugene can you share some scenes that reproduce this issue? Its strange that this is caused by the presence of a texture in the model, maybe we’re missing something…

also can you create a separate thread explaining your scaling issues? It would be good to finally fix that as well.

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It`s been a while since i posted and i cant find the original scene. I uploaded another scene in the link above with a simple cube + texture that has the same issue. Hope @Joe_Wiltshire can help with a more complete scene.

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Hi guys,

I see that I’m a little late, but I had the same issue, and for me the solution was to have a stable version (LTS) of Node.js on my PC and install the ‘gltf-pipeline’ npm package globally, like so: npm install -g gltf-pipeline. Now 3DS Max could see the package and was able to run it properly.
After the install I had to restart 3DS Max, and I had no more problems. I hope it helps you too.

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