Blender Exporter 6.1.2 Closes Blender

The Blender2Babylon Exporter 6.1.2 (GitHub - BabylonJS/BlenderExporter at 28052e54932fdf6534f57eaa95d203f61219c023) seems to close Blender when I export the attached .blend file (the .blend file inside the attached zip), without any warnings or error logs.

While it does output a .babylon file, the file is incomplete, as when I try to put it into BabylonJS Sandbox, it gives an error. (465.2 KB)

Pinging @JCPalmer

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Yes, I have bookmarked this & other recent topics with Blender. Am working on something else I want to publish soon. Cannot stop right now.


This is just a more extreme case of an expired object reference problem from this topic. When I run this through after the fix for that, I get a valid .babylon file & no ACCESS VIOLATION crashing Blender.

This .blend file seems ancient. .babylon files from Blender to not run animations from the sandbox, since it uses an older animation format. The gltf format might be better for the sandbox for this file.