Blender2Babylon Exporter Error

Hi since im here not a long time and i’ve been testing the grounds around with different projects, i have a project that i’m working on in blender and to export it im using the babylon2blender exporter but im having some errors does anybody know the reason ?

@JCPalmer is it a bug cause for my friend it worked just fine, is there anyway to fix it

Can you post the .blend file, too?

hi @docEdub thank you for responding this is the repository where you can find the blender file and the blender2babylon exporter GitHub - WilliamWalid/Project

Thanks. It looks like the exporter is not working with materials that have a Subsurface section, like the “Prinicipled BSDF” materials in the .blend file. For now you can try using a simpler material if possible, like “Diffuse BSDF” or “Specular BSDF”. Is that do-able for you?

Yes use blender 3.5. They reorganized principled for 4.0.