Body to ignore param not working on raycast queries


I’ve been using Havok without the BabylonJS integration and noticed that the “optional body to ignore” parameter in the raycast query is, ironically, ignored. I initially suspected it was an issue with my code but I no longer think so.

I’ve made a simple demo to show the issue: In the demo, two boxes are created and a ray is casted through them. The HP_World_CastRayWithCollector call is meant to ignore box nº1, yet HP_QueryCollector_GetCastRayResult consistently returns that as the hit point.

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PS: I’ve also opened an issue on GitHub regarding this topic. Hopefully someone can help me figure this out!

Cc @Cedric

Hi @cijaaimee welcome to the community

I think this is an issue for @eoin
I’ve checked as well and everything seems correct in your code.

Thanks for that. Definitely a bug; will get it fixed in the next update.


Wow, thanks for looking into this so quickly! This seems to be a great community :smile:

Hopefully the next update can be released soon. I’m really excited about moving from Ammo to Havok. Have a great day folks!