Bones not appearing in the glb model

Hey guys, working with a .glb file i see no bones, what could be the reason?
here’s the sandbox:

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What do you mean by “bones not appearing”?

thanks for the welcome!

When importing the model there are animation groups and meshes but no skeletons: {meshes: Array(24), particleSystems: Array(0), skeletons: Array(0), animationGroups: Array(1)} but in the 3d software there were bones, since the model is rigged… Maybe you have an idea how to export those into glb ?

The glb you used in the playground link has no skinning information in it. I see from the generator string that you are using “babylon.js glTF exporter for 3dsmax 2017 v20200123.4”. Can you provide the max file or give more context on what you are doing? Looks like you are using Mixamo?

cc @Drigax

Hey @bghgary thanks for the help! and sorry for a bit of a delayed comeback. The problem was indeed in the model and there was no skinning in it. In the end I did manage to import and use the skeletons/bones!

Thx again!