BoneAxesViewer does not follow bones?!?

Hello people,

So I am with a task in hands to fix some problems with procedurally animated skeletons. From either T-Pose or A-Pose, we want to make the model follow VR hands and there is a simple IK implemented already.

Problem is that on previous BJS versions (I believe just before 5.0), it worked nicely. With the latest versions, though, some compatibility problems appeared and until now we could not fix those problems.

So, we are trying to debug the problems, but then there is this strange BoneAxesViewer behavior which made me curious: should not the BoneAxesViewer tightly follow the bones when we start animating their rotations?

Here is a PG:

GLTF character bones/axesviewers positions | Babylon.js Playground (

On the above PG, please use β€œ,” and β€œ.” to rotate all the bones at once. The final pose is not what I’m questioning, it’s just Z rotation on every bone so the model will end in funny poses. The question is about the BoneAxesViewer not following the bones as expected.

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Thank you!

cc @cedric or @bghgary

Nevermind, we found a workaround and can live with that. =)