Bounding boxes are different for same duplicated container

Hi all -
This is a real puzzle to me… each time I duplicate the same GLB, the bounding boxes come out different. The box is always correct for the first duplicate (shown in screenshot on right), but then each subsequent duplicate is of a variable and irregular size (which causes the duplicates to get stretched out to fit the bounding box and collisions to fail in my app). See screenshot and PG. Any thoughts?

The best i can tell, it’s drawing the bounding box around one of the animated states of the first animation group - and doing so at a random point in that animation. So, i suppose the solution is to set the animation to t-pose before the duplicate is created - but not sure how to do that since it’s a chicken/egg kind of thing, right?

Got it!
Before duplicating (on the original), need to stop all animations and then go to frame 0 of the first animation.