BoundingBoxGizmo and PlaneRotationGizmo on same mesh causes issues

Hi All-

PlaneRotationGizmo does not update the rotation of attached mesh when there is also a BoundingBoxGizmo attached to the same mesh.

What’s interesting is that it does update the rotation of the mesh as it appears in the scene, but this is not reflected in the property on the mesh.

I suspect the rotation sphere on the BoundingBoxGizmo has something to do with it.

Any ideas about how to deal with this issue?



cc @Cedric the Gizmo Wizard

Here’s a way around the problem.

The angle on of the rotation gizmo updates real time which allows you to track mesh rotation like this:

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As soon as you attach the boundingBoxGizmo, the mesh will use rotationQuaternion instead of rotation. You can get the value this way:

Perfect. Thank you, Cedric.