Bug in rotation gizmo?

I think there is a little problem with the rotation gizmo. If you look at the workspace:

You will see that the global coordinate is only rotating correctly if there is no assignment made to gizmo.updateGizmoPositionToMatchAttachedMesh prior to assigning true.
This code:

    gizmo.updateGizmoRotationToMatchAttachedMesh = false;
    gizmo.updateGizmoPositionToMatchAttachedMesh = true;

does not work as expected and it seems to only accept the first assignment.
Another question is also whether using the local mesh (i.e. gizmo.updateGizmoRotationToMatchAttachedMesh = false) should not better also yield a gizmo behaviour as in the world coordinate case, but just with the initial gizmo being accordingly rotated?

cc @Cedric

Yes, you are right! This is an issue and we discussed a little in this PR:

That’s something I’m working on ATM.