Unexpected change in GizmoManager


I’ve looked at the boundingBoxGizmo before and it’s worked great. However, when I just got back to it I saw some weird behaviour in the example playground:

If you try and rotate the mesh using the gizmo it does nothing. From the console I can see this warning:
BJS - [11:20:55]: Unable to use a rotation gizmo matching mesh rotation with non uniform scaling. Use uniform scaling or set updateGizmoRotationToMatchAttachedMesh to false.

I’ve tried setting the updateGizmoRotationToMatchAttachedMesh, but that also doesn’t make it work. Is there something else I have to implement to make this work again?


cc @Cedric, but as the console warning says, rotation gizmo doesn’t work with non uniform scaling, so I’m not sure you can do something about that.

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Hi! Thanks for your quick response. The thing is, it used to work so I was wondering what changed.

Thanks to your comment I did realize that I misread the console warning and I thought it mentioned non uniform rotation. So I’ll continue on finding out how I can change the non uniform scaling :smiley:

Oh, non uniform scaling is just when one of the xyz values isn’t the same as the others. But even if I make it uniform in this example I can’t rotate the meshes.

So maybe that warning was about something else? Since the issue is still there even when the scaling is uniform.

Oh, even more interesting. If I move the models from either the first or second playground and then try to rotate them with the boundingboxgizmo it snaps to a certain rotation and is then frozen again.

The rotation gizmo does work for me in this playground (after I hit “e” to make it visible).

Ah, you’re right, it’s just the boundingbox gizmo that doesn’t work.

This used to work in previous versions though, so in version 5.2.0 I can rotate a mesh using the bouningboxgizmo even if the scaling isn’t uniform.

cc @Cedric, I think there was some bug when using the rotation gizmo, that’s why it now logs a warning instead.

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it looks like the same issue as : Bounding box rotation in Gizmo is not working - #2 by Deltakosh
idk why or how it broke. I’m on it.