BoundingBoxGizmo and Rotation Bug

Hello all Babylon.js experts, I have encountered a very difficult problem now.
I have a requirement to display the outline box of the mesh when the mouse moves over it, so I created a BoundingBoxGizmo and then set attachedNode to pickInfo.pickedMesh. So far everything is working fine.

But for some reason, I need to set its rotationQuaternion to null to ensure the rotation works properly, so I used the following code:

if (mesh && mesh.rotationQuaternion) {
mesh.rotation = mesh.rotationQuaternion.toEulerAngles();
mesh.rotationQuaternion = null;

Then the BUG appeared:

The Mesh will grow larger and larger until it disappears.
Here’s my reproduction on PlayGround:

In PlayGround, I used setInterval to simulate the effect of the user’s mouse moving back and forth on the mesh. Although it takes a few seconds for this BUG to appear in PlayGround, in my actual development scenario, the BUG will appear immediately as long as the mouse moves over the mesh.
This feature is very important to improve user experience, so I need help from experts, thank you very much!

I think it’s a parenting issue between parents and children.
I don’t know the cause of the problem itself.

I think I found a similar problem to mine, here is the address:

As in his case, everything works fine when the scaling ratio of the parent node is 1:1:1.