Breathing exercises website done with babylon

Hello nice people,

I discovered Babylon end of last week and did a pet project right away. Feedback is welcome on the 3D and especially the rendering pipeline, which btw I find really impressive and easy to use.

Check out the 3 exercises here:

I used three.js before and I must say I really love Babylon already.
Kudos to everybody involved!



Thanks a lot for your feedback!!!

(Adding @PirateJC)

I know it’s been 9 months, but I finally got the time to improve on this. Now that I’m using env maps instead of HDRI, loading is much faster and image quality is much higher. I moved it to a better suited domain and I also added couple of more exercises, so please check it out live here:
code: GitHub - evpgh/

BTW I used this method to generate the env maps. Is there a way to select quality while converting?