Broken rendering in gltf models with transmission on safari 15.4 on M1/iOS devices?


if I load gltf models with transmission on Babylon sandbox, rendering is broken, as if the color buffer is never cleared (but sometimes, errors are different). Everything was working fine with Safari 15.3, and works perfectly in Chrome. I would attach a sample glb if I could find a way to do it …
I can however attach two screenshots: the scene after loaded, and then after moving around the camera a bit:

p.s. I see issues also with three.js, which suggests the problem lies with WebGL on the newest safari …

Yup, looks same as Possible upcoming iOS 15.4 bug - #4 by br-matt

Please bump my WebKit issue : )

I found the problem only in gltf models with transmission tought - was it the same for you?

I am not sure what the link is. I see it on seemingly random playgrounds but not others. Babylon.js Playground this one for instance has the issue but I don’t think any transmission going on

I don’t see the issue in that playground, but I have seen my issues come and go randomly. Sometimes, they simply disappear, most often they are there. My issues with transmission are, I think, related with rendering to texture, if the glow is done with that technique, it could be the same issue

more specifically, this is the problem, in my opinion: 237906 – After 15.4, WebGL renders to offscreen buffer, then back to on-screen, are super broken (strobing, flashing, wrong textures)

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Did you try moving the camera around on that PG ? it only happens once you do

yes, I did

also, I saw that visual issues are not exactly the same on Mac/iOS. I tried the playground on a Mac.

This looks so broken I hope Safari will address this … :frowning:

We need to find a quick workaround as this starts to propagate more and more ShadowGenerator causing rendering artifacts in Safari 15.4 - #2 by sebavan