iOS / Safari bug fixed?

Can anybody confirm that this bug
occurred on iOS 15.4 and glow layer / antialising is fixed with the latest babylon release?
I tested it on several platforms and it seems to work, but before porting my projects to the current release, I want to be sure…

The fix is, ATM, to disable antialiasing when initializing your engine on safari 15.4. This is what we do in the playground and our sandbox

Ok, my fault, the bug still consists in the new current babylon version.

But on my iPhone (Safari, iOS 15.4.1) the bug seems not to depend on the antialising, but on the glow layer. In this playground example antialisiing is on, glow layer is off and I do not have any problems.

Can anybody confirm this?

It is a bug with all rendertargets. If you scene has no RTT then you are good
Glow layer uses rendertargets so to make it work on the dumpster fire that is iOS you have to either desactivate WebGL on metal at iOS level OR disable antialiasing on the canvas.

Yeah, I know this is pure crap.