Safari 15.4 Artifacts While Rotating Model With DirectionalLight Added To Scene

Issue reappears when adding a DirectionalLight to the scene, and only appears when using Safari 15.4.

Playground Example: Safari failure | Babylon.js Playground (
(Uncomment the code and run, then rotate the model. You should see artifacts left on the screen)

This is using the assumed fix of disabling antialiasing on the Engine via antialias: false as described elsewhere in this forum.

We even went as far as disabling WebGL2Support in engine options, without success.

I do understand that this is primarily an issue that is pending Apple’s fix, but could this specifically be an issue with DirectionalLight not respecting antialias being disabled? Is there any known resolution for this issue?

Hi @notmike101 - Pinging @sebavan who might have an idea.

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Unfortunately, it seems disabling AA is not enough on your scene :frowning: and as long as apple does not ship its fix, I am not sure there is anything we can do on our end :frowning:

Is your model using transmission extension, if so you might also need to turn MSAA off on the rendertargets.

Seems like disabling webgl2support on our project works, but doing the same in playground doesn’t work. Likely an issue with playground, but not worried about it too much.

Regardless, initializing the engine with the { disableWebGL2Support: true } fixes the issue (Though likely not the best solution).

Thank you for your help Sebavan.

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This actually works fine except that we had used MSAA on glow layer to smooth out the effect at a fixed low resolution. So we may just disable it also until Apple is able to fix the issue.

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