Broken WaterMaterial demo

If I search for “babylonjs water” I see this link as number 3 in duckduckgo: Babylon.js - Water Material demo

But it’s broken for me. “Uncaught TypeError: demo is undefined”. Anyone know where this code source is hosted so that I might have a play and try to fix it? Also the water material playground demo linked to from is um, pointy! :grinning:

cc @julien-moreau

In that demo the waveHeight just needs to be set to something lower. Try setting it to .1.

I believe you wanted to say 0.1 :wink:
I’m using this material in my snowball demo (an old BJS demo that still has a number of views and is about to receive a performance and compliance with v5 update). Although there are now more recent ways using a node material, the water material (eventually in combination with a mirror material) still provides with some nice results (my opinion only).

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.1 = 0.1

lol. indeed. Dots are too small for my old eyes :face_with_monocle:


I can relate. :slight_smile:


Aren’t the official Babylon.js water demos being hosted in this area currently?

I guess they are :smiley:
And also @nima I don’t think the values have changed here. By any means, I didn’t notice that. :thinking:

There might be just some confusion about the above reading with the latest posts (including me, incapable of making the relation between ‘.1’ and ‘0.1’ simply because I didn’t make a visual focus on it :face_with_monocle:, Lol, my apologies for that :pleading_face:

@ajp Is this topic now closed for you? Did you get all the answers you need or is there anything more to it? Thx,

No not yet :slight_smile:

When I search for "babylonjs water” in duckduckgo I still see the first link with the first playground with very pointy water so I have submitted a PR to fix that.

The second result to is now not available at all. Looks like domain has expired? If so I guess it will be dropped from the search results in due course so we don’t need to worry about it?

These third result: Babylon.js - Water Material demo. Which still errors for me and does not work.