Camera animation messed up using glTF from Blender


I just changed my whole workflow from Vectary to Blender now :wink:

I have serious issues in camera animation and I think this is Babylon.js glTF importer related:

  • camera is mirrored

  • several faces are missing in scene (e.g. the floor at the end)

Also camera FOV is not animated but that is not supported by glTF exporter anyway - I will do this in Babylon.js.

I guess these two problems are connected with glTF import in Babylon.js because I tried another glTF viewer and there it was correct.

Screenshot in Blender:

Thank you!

Pinging @PirateJC

Hey @imperator - It looks to me like it might be handedness issue, possibly a messed up scale in the export/import.

Couple of questions for you.

Would it be possible for you to share your blender file to help troubleshoot?

Also, what glTF exporter are you using for Blender? Are you using the one that’s built into the export menu of 2.8+ or are you using the Blender to Babylon exporter?


The glTF file says “Khronos glTF Blender I/O v1.1.22”

I tried the GLB in Don’s glTF Viewer and it does the same thing. What other viewer are you talking about?

Hi @PirateJC, thanks for the quick reply.
Here I have uploaded the Blender-File:
I just export with newest Blender version - Bforartists 2.1 (= Blender 2.8.3+2.9Alpha) which came out today. But I am new to Blender to be honest - started to work with it yesterday :upside_down_face:
About viewer: yes it is the same viewer. But it is not same result.

  1. viewer is correct:
  2. Same file in Sandbox is wrong with the problems I mentioned above with missing polygons and mirrored image:

I see. Let me check.

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I made a very simple scene:
As you can see that issue is not connected to animation. Just all cameras imported through glTF from Blender seems to be broken.

Thanks. It looks like the glTF camera support is broken somehow. Even the glTF sample model for cameras is broken.

I filed a bug: glTF cameras are broken · Issue #8320 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub. Hopefully will be resolved soon.



Thank you!