Building an industrial app with babylonjs

Hi Team,

We are building a industrial 3D clone (Digital Twin) with help of babylon. we are also building the support for webxr.
Any suggestion for better implementation of charts and all(visualization of time series data) in the WebXR mode.
or If example or current application reference is there can u please attach it so that we can follow the same implementation.

You can check out the Demos and Projects #demos section.
@thomlucc might know of more experiences too?

Hi @Sanjeeb_Kumar - You can check this page on the web site: Babylon.js Digital Twins and IoT which has a few references such as Azure Digital Twins Explorer (Preview). I hope this helps!

Thanks alot @thomlucc

The normal 3D version we have cracked it. But I am trying with XR mode. Basically vr version of industrial 3D model. And there I am trying to implement visualisation(Any suggestion for showing data in efficient way)

Looping in @RaananW, our WebXR champ, in case he has any idea.

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Very hard to say, as it depends on the usecase and the expected UX…

Thanks @RaananW @thomlucc .

I will try with GUI approach.Inside GUI elements I will try to put charts and values.

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