Building windows with inside transparency and "real" outside reflections

Please read the previous thread:

This is an enhanced version with MirrorTexture, so you can reflect any surroudings:

I don’t know whether this is the good approach, so please comment.

Thanks to @mawa for “pushing” me to create more realistic reflections :sunglasses:

EDIT: Some things needs to be fixed. The spheres are reflected upside down and one should play with the scaling of the reflected meshes as well.


That’s not me. I’m not the ‘pushy’ type :innocent: but I’m glad that you are willing to embrace the subject :smiley:
I believe I must have spent my entire digital designer carrier struggling with and challenging ‘reflection’. In 2D, in 3D, in real-time, everywhere, always and still today. There are just so many different types and techniques and all have their scope, advantages and downsides.

Not long ago, I remember this thread:

If anyone feels like sharing their own XP, I guess this would be a place to do so…

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This is an example for a reflection of a reflection of a … box which is rotating around itself and a stick in the middle of a circle room (the area of the real world). Each point of the circle is used as a reflection point and an other box is created in the imaginary mirror-room.
At the next recursive iteration each of the boxes in the mirror room were reflected again to each points of the circle. etc.

It is very interesting when you zoom out with the camera and get a first insight into how the mirrored objects are distributed in the imaginary space.

In the next example: what if the real box rotates out of the real world?

The next example shows some of the reflections within a 3D area

with some more reflections

… and more reflections (zoom out)

… and even more reflections… and so the stars were born! :smiley:


Gee, I somehow knew that if you would kick in on this one, things would go haywire :wink: :wink:
Let’s just all immerse ourselves in the fabulous world of reflections :smiley:

My apologies, I know… this is ENG forum, and ENG’s aren’t supposed to have emotions, correct? :wink: