Bullet in flight

If you need to achieve a more realistic bullet effect, this example may be helpful for you. You do not want your weapon to be a laser gun that directly hits the target without delay, but rather the bullet of the weapon has a flight time and a true hit position. This is a solution that I came up with, and its implementation is based on a combination of multiple rays. You can see a demonstration here: You can control the length of rays by using the value of fps to avoid the loss of ray events.

This video is an effect I used in my own game “localwar”


Nice. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Let me forward this to @stealman I think he could put this to good use as I believe he recently asked for something similar :smiley: Thanks for sharing and have a great day :sunglasses:


Super cool example, thanks for sharing! And your game is looking very good! :smiley:

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