C4D to BJS Rotations

Ew… it looks like C4D has different rotations then BJS? I am noticing the heading is opposite so which is weird because I think they are both left handed systems.

Hmmm maybe I should try transform matrices instead.

Anyways, anyone have any ideas on how to do some quick conversions to see if the rotations are just “inverted” on the y axis?

Actually I think I know whats happening im swapping between rads and degs or something dumb at some point.

Nope on the rads. they are right… gonna have to think about this.


So I figured out we apply our rotations in a different sequence.
Simple solution, convert matrix to rotation axes and angle then apply that instead.

Bit of math advice for those struggling out there the order you apply your matrix calculations matter…

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So glad that you’re working on a C4D exporter!!!