MineREPL: Interactive 3D Tool for Learning Programming is Live NOW

MineREPL is currently under development; feel free to share your feedback!

LIVE DEMO: https://minerepl.com


Super cool idea!

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This is already looking pretty great !!!

https://minerepl.com is live now! :tada:


Great !!! it is an amazing way to learn by doing !!!

Glad you liked it!

Awesome example - curious anyone have a list of example interactive education with Babylonjs? I am thinking trades and HS grade curriculum 9-12. I have a team exploring Babylon as a route for development vs Unity.

There is a scene editor using the blockly editor on github, it may be posted on the forum. Pretty sure harvard and mit use blockly in their cs 50, so maybe a good choice. Personally i find the arbitrarily shaped boxes confusing but im weird and humans are different.

Actually watched this talk recently. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4dPfrKkLmV8 . The beginning of the talk he talks about his choices for a framework for teaching high school kids game dev. Realistic stuff like being able to run cross platform, download size, making sure install is easy on mac and windows etc. he chose d and raylib.

Also this may be helpful
.GitHub - marticliment/WingetUI: WingetUI: A better UI for your package managers
Its a gui app for windows that aggregates stuff like chocolatey and scoop. I exclusively use scoop and add the scoop buckets games and extras. You dont really need the gui but i like it because it checks for updates daily like the kde or archlinux package managers. I highly recommend this or at least scoop for getting people setup on windows. You can actually make your own “bucket” for all the dependencies your students will need. its just a json file.

The idea is great. It’s like using the playground in a guided or oriented way. I just didn’t understand why you chose to use the Clojure language?

Clojure is my main language, and it has great REPL support. And it is a Lisp dialect :slight_smile:

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