Camera attachControl + detachControl

I’m updating my project to be compatible with 4.2 and working through some breaking changes. The first one I found was that attachControl() and that looks to be fixed (Fix TS with new camera attachcontrol by deltakosh · Pull Request #9192 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub), but not out on NPM (I’m on beta13). I didn’t see a fix in their for detachControl(), which now has zero parameters. Is that intentional to support backwards compatible on attach and not detach? I can submit a patch to make it backwards compatible to just ignore the parameter, but otherwise in my project I just need to cast to any, since I need to support 4.x. Thanks.

Pinging @RaananW and @Deltakosh

I have added an ignored optional parameter to the detachControl, it is waiting to be reviewed. Will be updated tomorrow

it’s odd that I’m seeing the code change, but not reflected in typings beta14

I did rm -rf node_modules and checked package.json just to be sure… maybe something in the build process?

The camera attachControl change change was added yesterday afternoon, so I guess it is not present in the latest beta. We’ll run a release update later today.

Wait - are these the files from the repository, or from the release itself?

Will need to check what’s wrong with the generated d.ts. Will get back to you on this one

I am looking into it ASAP :slight_smile:

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Fix should be deploy in 30 min to the playground

I ll also create a new npm version later tonight for it @brianzinn, just waiting on a nme fix