Camera control won't let go on PointerUp (safari specific)

This is a follow up on this discussion.

We had the same problem (the scene froze on mouse button up, only on Safari). So we updated our version to the latest alpha, since the fix got merged in June on PR #10458

However this fix doesn’t entirely fix the issue, there is a new problem :

  • Expected :
    Camera with attached control follows the mouse movements ONLY while the left mouse button is being pressed down
  • Happening :
    Camera with attached control follow the mouse movements while the left mouse button is being pressed down, AND after it has been released.
    /!\ PLEASE NOTE that this issue only happens on Safari browser, and does not happen 100% of the time. Keep trying to move the camera with several clicks for 10 seconds and you should see it happen.

The issue is reproducable on the very void playground here :
It seems that the PointerUp event is not reliably fired.

Pinging @PolygonalSun

Hey @Faber, I can take a look at this.

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Nice ! I have no idea where to begin with. Since I noticed you alread took a shot at a related issue in the past, I thought I should bring it up on the forum. :slight_smile: