Camera Layer Transparencies - Is it Possible?

I’m having trouble rendering a ton if thin instances with alpha so I could have a certain object always viewable on screen.

So I thought it could be possible I could render that certain object twice.
1st in its 3D context and a 2nd with a transparency over everything else.

I was thinking about using a 2nd camera with some sort of alpha of its viewport and layer masks… Is it even possible?

I saw this playground and found it a good place to try to apply this idea:
The 2nd view would only capture the player and re-draw at certain alpha…

Thanks :wink:

You could simply use renderingGroupId of meshes for this.

Every group would clear the depth data in between so that they seem to be always on top

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Hi. Thanks!

I did think I my idea was far fetched but I could have been wrong :slight_smile:

Using mesh.renderingGroupId was the way to go.