Camera PostProcessings: issues when using several cameras


I am facing several issues while using postprocessings:

  1. when I use two cameras and apply a post-processing to Camera 1 and make Camera 2 the active camera, I still get the post-processing of Camera 1 on my screen
  2. if I disable some of the post-processings (e.g. colorGradingEnabled = false) of Camera 1 while Camera 2 is active, the change aren’t updated

Concerning 2), is there any way to force the update?

As an example, here I applied a post process to the camera player_fps_view and disabled it. Still, it shows up in the camera LetterCamera that shows the letters/grid in my menu:

Hi Nodragem,

It sounds like Camera.update() might be able to help you with at least one of your issues, but I’m not completely sure as I’m not quite certain I understand your use case. Can you repro one or both of your issues in a Playground?

I got it!! that had nothing to do with the post processing!! it was the fog that was creating this gradient!

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