Can a skeletonViewer really be enabled / disabled?

I was having trouble posing fingers individually, using my implementation of morphing. My prior work morphed the entire hand, see Finger Shapekeys.

The problem is that different fingers share some faces, so which ever morph occurred last won for those faces. Kind of looked like webbing for different gestures.

Now that uniforms are sent to the vertex shader via texture, larger # of bones are now possible on all platforms. So I recreated a new version of the tool scene, updated with a PBR mesh wt a skeleton, and 10 bone animation queues. I put in a skeleton viewer to help develop the consolidated gestures.

I wanted to be able to get the viewer out of the way at times, so I put in a checkbox who’s onclick() modified the skeleton viewer isEnabled. The viewer does not disappear when set to false though. The pose is just not updated.
skeletonviewer off

Now I can just delete it and recreate it, but thought I would check first

I think it’s a bug:


Thanks. I switched to the preview CDN. I’ll check tomorrow. I just got this up, and doing all the old gestures. Will be adding individual poses for fingers and building tables for consolidated “gestures” to operate complex “equipment” for days. No hurry.