Can BABYLON.RawTexture.update run asynchronoulsy?

Hello there,

I’m trying to load an external mesh with a 16k texture loaded from the web. Following @Evgeni_Popov 's suggestion in this post: Texture loading blocks thread, I’ve managed to create an RGBA texture before loading the image thanks to the AssetsManager and then to apply it to the mesh. However, even if the texture resource is allocated before loading the image, it looks like updating the texture object with the image data is also blocking the main thread.

Is this due to data being sent from the CPU to the GPU and therefore nothing can be done to prevent main thread blocking? Or can RawTexture.update run in an async method or a Web worker? Just trying to understand the processing pipeline here :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, you cannot do it offthread :frowning: Webgl (and JS) are monothreaded so the moment you will update the texture, it will block the rendering :frowning:

Hi @Leto just checking in, do you have any further questions? :slight_smile: