Can BabylonJS consume the new 3D Tiles gLTF standard for Streaming Massive Models?

I didn’t see anything here about the new Khronos glTF 3D Tiles, as announced at Liaison between Khronos and Open Geospatial Consortium Leads to 3D Tiles Community Standard Built on glTF for Streaming Massive Models.

In that sense this might better be a placeholder or a discussion ticket as to what to do to load such models and if there’s something else one would like to do in in the pipeline.

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We don’t currently have any plans for loading 3D tiles specifically, but the assets are glTF files which we fully support. AFAIK, there are no 3D tiles specific extension that is required. So at least loading assets should be relatively straight forward.

Poking around a bit, Patrick Cozzi confirms a glTF loader is good place to start, but this new format requires pieces to handle the loading and streaming of data and the spatial hierarchy so that the appropriate tiles for a given view can be loaded.

He notes a general purpose loader is at works at Branches · uber-web/ · GitHub.

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