Can the attenuation coefficient for lighting be adjusted in PBR materials?

For example, even though the light is only 100 units away from the floor, it requires a very high intensity to produce a noticeable lighting effect.

you should find what you need here;
Mastering PBR Materials | Babylon.js Documentation (

TLDR: light.usePhysicalLightFalloff = false;

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What I mean is that I’d like to retain the light attenuation of PBR materials and control the attenuation intensity using a variable.

I’ve tried adjusting the spotlight.exponent property value, but I’m not seeing any effect.

too far

light.usePhysicalLightFalloff = false

light.usePhysicalLightFalloff = true

I understand this property; it controls the attenuation characteristics of PBR materials towards light. What I’m wondering is whether it’s possible to control the attenuation rate through a certain coefficient.

Of the two types, does it have a similar effect as you thought?

Thank you, that’s the effect I was aiming for

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