Can we add a whitespace gutter to the playground code area?

I find myself constantly putting extra spaces under my methods with the PG code editor. Is there an argument or a styling thing that we can do where if you are scrolled to the bottom of the code that there is still a few lines of whitespace below the text?

I might just be being weird but this bugs the heck outa me. (Prolly alone on this XD)


cc @RaananW and @sailro but all in :slight_smile:

hahaha ok, cool some others have had the same itch I dont feel as crazy now!

Completely forgot to answer that. This is not so trivial with the current monaco version we are using (and its architecture). The only thing I can do is add two lines to every source, but those lines will be permanent and will not be removed, and I assume some people will not like this.

I am sorry I don’t have a better answer…

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And how do you wrap long lines ?

if monaco supports it we have it. Wrapping long lines is more a formatting issue, and there are default values for that.
We use a barebone monaco editor with slight modifications.

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Interesting. I did not know about Monaco. This is the one from Microsoft ? It’s the only editor I’ve used that formats correctly. It would be nice to have more shortcut keyboard presses on the option drop down menu. Only ctrl-s ? Should I put this in as an issue ? Cheers.

We will plan a revamp of the playground after the next major version, which will include more shortcuts and options. It will take time though, so we hope everyone has the patience to wait for it :slight_smile:

Sounds good. Will look forward to it.

I just discovered the Visual Studio Code application. It has a few Babylon extensions …

Any plans to add what the Playground does to it ?

This is a community project and is not maintained by the core team. Julian used to be very active but I don’t remember seeing him for quite some time.

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Oh, OK. I might look into making an extension or someone might do it. Have too many projects ATM :grimacing: