Can we make a password for the babylon js files?

Hello , i work with one of my client , and he want me to send to him the Js source file of the 3D babylon script , and i am wondering if we can make a password to this files ?

And also , how you can fix price for your 3D Babylon scripts , something like this ?

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Nothing about this is a bug.

The actual source for babylon.js is many, many typescript files. There are 2 versions of the public built library. The max version is primarily for debugging scenes. Give them that one.

Hello , i am talking about the js file that i make for him , i dont want to show him the source code

The simplest way to protect your sources… is to create a video-streaming of your 3D scene (like Realiz3D here - it’s a Unity scene).

You can also try to uglify your code, but it can be… unglify :smiley: Or if you’re brave, try to create your own source files and use an encryption on it, like Sketchfab (I think).


Been thinking about this for some time.

It may be possible to get clever here. But as usual, I see things differently.

HINT: the concept is salt & pepper. : )
With comparables in obscure places like SVG. or the existence of images.
Again, never implemented, but design is fun.

Use an array as a comparitor within your code to switch things off if:
domain is not right or if expired. That’s the notion.


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I personally don’t see the need for setting a password or authorization for file in the babylon.js format… as this would make it’s way to the release build and recursively wouldn’t work. Also, where does it end? Images, textures, OBJ and STL, etc?

The reason I don’t see the need, is that all the function your asking for is already available in standard HTML, node.js, and all currently used server dev code. And it can easily be found and quickly integrated into your app.

Just my opinion.:grinning:



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Thank God we aren’t programming using patch cables. And what about Colossus? Birth pains continue still.:thinking:



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The thing is if you see it on the webpage you can access all the webgl data like shaders/buffers and so on so it has already been given away.

And with simple hooks on the context like spector you could extract all the info you want.