Can we really make a game in unity and import to babylon using Babylon Toolkit

Hi guys,
I have a doubt, can we really make a game in unity and import to babylon using Babylon Toolkit?.

The babylon.js toolkit is handled and maintained by a community member (Mackey24) who seems to have disappeared since a few months. So I have no idea what is the current status.

He created a website
So perhaps you can reach out to him there?

Thanks, I tried making a simple demo, but performance is very bad in Mobile.

Sorry to hear that. Please try to ping Mackey as we are not maintaining his toolkit

Yeah mobile is kinda slow. But i have been able to get HIGH-END mobile devices to work pretty good. Like Iphone 7 and above… And Samsung 7 and above. Basically the HIGH-END mobile devices as defined in Unreal Engine as playable mobile platforms.

My main problem is using a 65 bone skeleton on mobile will yield a too many Uniforms Error so you gotta set that Skinned Mesh to use CPU for skinned mesh instead of GPU. SO thats gonna put even more strain on your mobile CPU. But it does work :slight_smile:

One thing i wanna STRESS… We are not really making a Babylon game in Unity. We are just EXPORTING content. The toolkit create a HOST PROJECT for you to preview your exported content.

Everything is really just babylon code using the native babylon scene files. I just add a bunch of SUGAR that makes it looks like we are exporting a unity game. I make is so you can attach scripts in Unity and the Scene Manager does all the leg work to setup a native babylon environment for you. Everything i do in the toolkit you can do manually as well. As a matter of fact you can even use the Scene Manager right the Playground.

So i dont think its a matter of: Can i use Unity to import a Babylon game.

Just use unity to SETUP your scene content… Export as babylon scene file (new version exports as GLTF scene file) and then load content using babylon. Again the Scene Manager does alot of this for you. You can look at the various Mesh, Camera and Light Parsing in the scene Manager API to a scene of what i am doing to make it look your exporting a Unity Game to Babylon… BUT YOU ARE NOT… Just exporting content and the the Scane Manager does all the heavy lifting for you. But you can do all that by yourself :slight_smile: