Can we select indexedDB location?

Can we select indexedDB location? i can’t find anything in internet regarding this question. looks like browser saves it to his app folder and we can’t change it. Is it true?

I want to save all meshes on UI side to increase loading speed of game session(and for players with low internet connection). For now it seems ok(100mb) but i expect 1gb in future. Moreover if i will try to add skins (for example) for creatures it will take even more space. I expect it can be painful for some users to allow game to take so much space on disc C where browser saves indexeddb

Do we have solution for this?

Unfortunately, developers have no control over physical location as far as I know and to be honest it would be scary. Fun would be to force /dev/null less fun would be C:\Windows\explorer.exe and some other way more annoying locations :slight_smile:

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The only solution that I’m aware of is actually installing some helper client app on the users computer, or you go full electron or babylon.js native.

A PWA might have more ability to influence storage locations, but it’s really governed by the user’s web browser settings.

IndexedDB defaults are usually generous - in the 100’s of MB at a minimum - and shouldn’t exceed some X% of available space.

If you’re under 1GB I think you’re fine for most scenarios


i wonder when browsers will start offering users the capability to choose such an address space, just as most DCC apps and game platforms do. maybe they do , ive never checked. I dont see the app making this decision as a good goal… thats exactly what users dont want once things start hogging space… then they want control.

I control where Steam stores games. Same for Uplay or Epic Games. Same for my DCC apps and music apps.

Sorry, I should’ve been more specific - the user has full control over where and how much storage space is allocated to IDB via browser settings. IIRC, it can even be set on a per-domain basis


do you think it’s possible to do via google chrome extension?

could you please provide how user can control location of idb via browser settings? i can’t find any mentions in chrome settings and internet at all