Can you Edit Demos for personal use and run it as a website?

Is it possible to edit the Windows Cafe demo with different logos,and textures. and use it as a website?

Would anyone in this community be interested in helping? Some compensation can be given. Because We are new to this as a business.

No problem as long as you mention babylonjs and Michel Rousseau who is the author of the scene

How do I save any editing. I changed textures for some logos. And I have no issue giving credit to both.

But I can’t figure out how get it all running. I’ve tried everything.

Can’t I pay someone to show me the ropes and getting set up?

You can edit it in the sandbox and you can use the inspector to save it using the gltf exporter of the inspector

I tried that bit when I put it in sandbox it doesnt load. Only GLB loads a white model. And when I export it to blender. It does the same and make a white model.

When i check textures I see they are there by not displayed

You have to drop all files from this folder into the sandbox:

i just download those files 1 by 1 and drag and drop into sandbox? and ill make the model? DO I also need the WEBSITE-MASTER file to turn that model into a website?

Just all the file from the folder should be enough. You can also load them in the