Can i do this type of website in babylon.js and can i publish or embed it?

Hello everyone

I’m primarily a freelancer 3d cgi artist. In a project my client wants to do a project similar to this website.

İnitially i only have to do 3d models in gltf format and i wasnt so familiar with gltf format i was just sending him the model and say to him there is this website (+360º - Car Visualizer - Three.js) you can inspect the model so he can embed this models in the project but he wasnt able to do it. So i inspectted a little bit of bbaylon.js and i think i can do what he wants but i have to know what i want can be done in babylon.js.

What i have exactly want is this.
1-There will be 21 different car models and with buttons this cars have to be come to screen.
2-This babylon scene have to be exported in some kind of way tho a website.Embedded or html code.

This two are mandatory. Can it be done?

hey you can attach and show gltf model in babylon so answer is yes
you can export that as a html and js file for work on local

Or if you don’t want to complicate to much the things, you can directly use the viewer

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